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    Red face Trying a new style and would love some advice!

    Hello all and first a quick explanation. I have recently finished my media degree and since leaving university I have really wanted to (and been working on) my drawing skills.

    I have been playing around with a new style which reflects my interest in pin-ups, rockabillie and punk style fashions and pop art. My biggest influence at the moment in this sort of work is an artist known as Shag with his simple and distinct female forms and unshaded colouring style.

    I understand I need some practice with the female form (feet and hands have never ever been a good thing for me...) but I was wondering if anyone could recommend some tips on colouring or how I could improve my pictures shown below.

    I know there are a lot of much better artists in this wonderful corner of the internet and I admire many of them, and would love to hear some feedback. I am also working on a variety of print and tshirt designs which I hope to upload in the near future for some critique.

    Thanks all!

    Ok, these first two are done using no shading and a simple colour pallete. I wanted to make a series of zombie girl pin-ups, these were some first attempts and playing around with the idea.
    Trying a new style and would love some advice! Trying a new style and would love some advice!

    This is my most recent work, using the same sort of art style but adopting shading. Sadly, I think I didn't do Jessica's ample bosom justice....
    Trying a new style and would love some advice!

    EDIT: Thought I would upload the original Jessica Rabbit sketch and the first colouring attempt I made using no shading, just for comparison purposes
    Trying a new style and would love some advice! Trying a new style and would love some advice!
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    the zombie girls look like they have chunks out of thier dresses..maybe change the bg color or add a stroke on the girls...on jessica the feet look to big and bubbly and her rear needs to be more round i think and she needs the white of her eye put in.. but otherwise I think they look good!

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    Blazin0Glory > yeah, I was toying with the idea of adding another colour to remove the appearance of pieces missing in the design. I think I will work with another shade of green, thanks for the comment, helped me confirm my suspicions and looking at her behind, yes, I think she needs a more valuptuous (sp?) figure. Thanks again, I will try have a good fiddle with Jessica later (oh my! )

    Arthur 'Two Sheds' > I see what you mean about the knee joint, this will be added to my list of 'points to watch' when working on women. I usually stay away from attempting actual human forms and stick with small and silly cartoon things. But I will work on it!

    Thank you both for the comments, I definately think these will help me refine these pictures, particularly Jessica.

    Oh, and Arthur, are you still intending to purchase this 'second shed'?

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    White as a background color isnt the best choice. Maybe some light blue or green depending on the mood of the pic. Nice style though!

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