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    advice on website organization

    hey everyone,
    so........being 2 years since i created my website its about time to update...
    why has it taken so long you might ask?
    well.....because its taken this long for me to figure out what exactly i want to do...which is everything. im extremely indecisive and commitmentphobic...yes this kind of thing effects more then just relationships. having to choose a business name or two for the rest of my life career is terrifying...if i ever want to change it, well...i cant! so i have to come up with some sort of organization that im going to be comfortable with in 20 years.....seems impossible to me!

    so anyways.....besides that, my dilemma is that i want to do a whole range of artwork....this means i want to do both light-hearted tame artwork AND explicit artwork. i know its really taboo to have both in the same portfolio.
    the categories of types of art i can and want to do are:
    botanical illustration, animal illustration, pattern design, storybook illustration, visionary painting, expressive painting, poster design, tshirt design and screen prints. i know that at least the poster design, visionary and expressive paintings and screenprints will have nudity and minor sexual content.

    i've thought about two different ways i could do this.....the first is just to put it all together in one portfolio, suck it up and try to deal with the consequences.....

    the second idea is to have 2 portfolios in one main website. the first portfolio would have the tamer galleries and the second would have the more explicit ones. two different business names.....
    the idea is that i would have one main wesbite which be and if you go to that site you have the option of clicking on one or the other portfolio. one would be and the other would be
    if i were to send a flyer for a botanical illo gig i would send them a card with the address to jpartworks. if i were to send a flyer for a poster gig i would send them a card to mindpickindesigns. but since it all stems off of one main site, if someone were to accidently get to just they would be able to click on the other portfolio and view it.....but only if they thought to do that. is this risky? does anything i just said make any sense at all?? im pulling my hair out with this!

    btw if you do go to that address i know, the website sucks. it really sucks and im ashamed of it so i REALLY need to change it. i wouldnt even use any of that old artwork in my new portfolio. any advice on my situation would be truely appreciated.

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    If it were me, I'd build two entirely separate sites. URLs are cheap. (I know a woman writer who writes pornography and children's books for under-fives. You'd better believe she doesn't let the right hand know what the left hand is doing, so to speak.)

    As for your website, the functionality mostly wasn't working for me. But I use Opera, which sucks at some of those popup things.
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    I can understand what your problem is because I have the same issues. I can do many different things (sculptures, paintings, and cartoons) and subjects (fantasy, comic, wildlife, etc.), but I am reluctant to specialize in just one thing, like some artists do. Some of my subjects can range from charming to downright scary. I do some "cute" and "Christian-related" art from time to time, and I imagine that some of people who gravitate toward that type of art might be offended when they see dragons and wizards alongside them. So you can understand what kind of problem I have to deal with.

    I ended up dividing my website into categories for sculptures, illustrations, and cartoons, and made a rule not to post anything explicit to make my site open and family-friendly to everyone. Later on, as my portfolio become more diversified, I plan to divide the website by subject (fantasy, wildlife, etc.) I doubt I can please everyone, but I try to do the best I can. I agree with Stoat, if you want to put explicit art up, you need to make a different website with a warning for anyone under 18.
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    I would just go ahead and create two separate websites: one for your explicit work and the other for your "everyday" work.

    Creating a separate page such as or isn't a good idea because users can simply delete those sub pages and go to your main site, thus seeing everything else. (make sense?)

    I would advise you creating a site map of what you want included, or categorize how you want your site laid out - it'll make planning a lot easier when you go and execute it. You can also combine the same things to make the user navigation much easier. An example would be:




    By creating a different website you can also create two separate identities of yourself as an artist. Hope this helps!

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