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    I need a reality check

    Greetings everyone,

    I'm a game maker hobbyist and I'm what we can call a generalist: able to do pretty much anything (design, coding, drawings, etc), with a finaly decent quality (well... almost).

    I'm currently in the design phase for next next project and this time, I decided to build a team to enhance the quality of the final product.

    Obviously, I have come expectations, but I wanted to see if they were realistic...

    1) Is it possible to find a concept artist who will join a game project for free? I doubt that my games will ever get published, so I will keep it under freeware licence.

    2) Since I'm new to this scene, I was wondering if it was prefferable that I approach artists directly or call for help through a new thread like "New game, need artists" ?

    3) Is this site only for concept artists? If so, any suggestions where I could find good 3D modeling/texturing artists?

    Thank you all for your time,


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    You need to go to the employment section and the sub-directory non-paying jobs. Maybe ask a mod to move this thread for you.

    - BTW you'll mostly find just concept artists here who can do the designing and whatnot of assets but there are a few people around here who are excellent at modeling and texturing. However you might be better off trying some place like cgsociety for that sort of thing.

    - I'd love to help you with the concept stuff but you'll probably get offers from much better artist then I who will help you get the look you need.
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    Also, check the stickies at the top of each forum, for they each contain untold wisdom.

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    And to answer your questions
    1 - yes, but a lot of them will most likely be teenagers, not professionals.
    2 - non paying jobs forum is the place for this.
    3 - Its about concept art, but a lot of others post round here.

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    i've been trying to get my friend who's an amatuer programmer (but a really good one) to make games i can do the art and modelling for, but he won't give in... but i'd gladly do art for an amatuer game for free, i need the learning cause i'm a newb !
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    Thank you all, these answers gives me pretty much everything I need for now.

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