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    restaurants that give you crayons

    ... are a-okay in my book... especially fine dining that lets you draw on their pretty white table cloth.... I went to Macaroni Grill for the first time and had a ball doodling all over the table... what other restaurants that allow you to do this?


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    one time some guys from work and i went to a restaurant/bar-grill place.. payed $15-20 per plate, but there were crayons to draw with all over the paper tablecloth. we all drew little faces expressing our feelings

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    There's an italian place in the Tustin Irvine area in California but I forgot what it was called. They also have a white table cloth (actually butcher paper) that you can draw on with crayons which they also provide.
    I've also heard of a restaurant where they encourage you to write on the walls but I don't remember the name either. Damn old age. El coro would probably love that place.

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    Yeah went to a Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis, Tenn once and found a room near the back with all just signatures/doodles on the walls- pretty cool picture of godzilla as i remember (i was in 4th grade i think ) coolest part was that i actually saw the signature of a kid i knew back in N. Y. ..... yes a good trip

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    When I was a kid, I worked in a place called The Old Barn Milk Bar, which was an old barn converted into an ice cream/burger joint. Being a barn, it was completely wooden, and all the tables and booths were made from salvaged wood from the animal stalls. Although it wasn't encouraged, people took to carving initials and whatnot all over the place. Most of the tables and chairs were literally covered with carvings.

    Not as much fun as crayons, I know... :cool:
    - blind

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