This is a catch-all post to alert anyone not already familiar with the Rules of this forum, the general protocol that is expected to be followed by everyone here.


  • Please post all necessary information regarding the job at hand. Be specific.
  • Post your email contact info so applicants may directly respond.
  • Be precise with what you are looking for in the applicants.
  • Be polite.


  • The potential employer should post a means for you to contact him. (e-mail, website, pm if need be)
  • Therefore, there is NO reason for you to reply to the post. Unless you have a valid question to ask, which you think would be good for everyone to know.
  • DON'T POST "mail sent" or "I'm interested (sic)"
  • DON'T POST "yea i'm game check out my sig for my stuff and call me whenever"
  • If you want to apply for any job, contact the employer directly. It's the professional way.
  • Anything else *will* be deleted.

If a company posts in this section that they are looking for work than please keep all responses at a professional level. will not tolerate any unprofessionalism in this section when it comes to dealing with prospective employers.

No biting the hands that feed us alright?