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Thread: Simulating Painter's "paper texture" in PS?

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    Simulating Painter's "paper texture" in PS?

    As I see it, there are 2 ways to add a certain texture to an image in PS:

    1. Add a texture to a custom brush and paint it
    Downfall: There's an individual texture for each copied "brush head" and they quickly mash together and become rather unrecognizable. Increasing spacing makes spotty application.

    2. Paste in a photo texture, set it to multiply or overlay, and tweak it until it looks right.
    Downfall: It's hard to customize and vary the color and prominence of the applied texture.

    Is there another way that more closely emulates Painter? I was thinking along the lines of some kind of mask that makes most of your texture image clear but allows you paint color over the part that shows to change its color. But is there something better?
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    Take a small square swatch of whatever texture you like and create a pattern covering the entire canvas.

    Create a new layer. Either paste or drag and drop a pattern into the new layer. You only want a 2x2 inch square of the pattern so if it is a large pattern you may want to use the marquee tool to cut out a square of the texture. To do this select the area with your marquee tool, to get a perfect square hold down shift while selecting. After you have made your selection press ctrl+c to copy, the ctrl+v to paste it into a new layer above. You do not have to create a new layer and then paste, it will create the layer for you when you hit ctrl+v. Then delete the layer with the larger pattern you selected from below.

    Now with the layer the swatch is on selected, go to Filter > Pattern Maker > Select 'Use Image Size' then using the selection tool, select a square just inside the square of the pattern then press generate, then ok.

    You may need to do some trial and error self education to get it just right. Once you master that there are a ton of options with textures including using the clone tool which I will not get into here.
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    maybe copy and paste paper texture into a layer mask then paint into that?
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