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    Thanks for the visit Ian. However you have to tell me what you were going to critique. I need to hear it!

    Those are some serious anatomy studies up there. I've always respected anyone that could draw technically, it's so above my head. Maybe some day it'll click. I love marker drawings, that's always attracted me to achitecture or car concept pictures. Beautiful, dedicated artwork!

    I'll leave you with a funny quote:

    "Modern art is what happens when painters stop looking at girls and persuade themselves that they have a better idea."
    John Ciardi
    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

    Mission: To push our skills to evolve to the point of giving you visual orgasm.

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    More updates!
    "Good composition is sort of like pornography. You know it when you see it. "

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    Farvus: Woo!! Good to know there are more of us around! AsaB is also an arch student on CA! Thanks for checking in, man. Much appreciated!

    luciano kassa: Brasileiro!! Mostre-me seus modelos! To muitos anos que eu falei com outro Brasileiro em Texas, somente minha me! Eu no recordo mesmo como escrever bem no portugus mais! To triste. Way too much time in Texas speaking English and not enough time in So Paulo!! Your sketches are really good on your blog! Make a sketchbook on here now! Thanks for checking in!

    wilkerson: Thanks! I'd like to think so too, haha! I try and have that same approach to every aspect of my life through simplifying, finding the necessary, and the most efficient path to a positive result!

    meticulous: I find anatomy studies really fun, because while you're doing them you can run to the mirror and actually see the muscles you're drawing, you can feel them on you and really get a definite product that you literally carry with you! Be sure to check out Mentler's threads if you really wanna see hardcore anatomy studies. Thanks for checking in!

    Dished: Yea it was a surprise to me, too haha! Thought I needed less clutter, and more progress. Thank you for stopping through! :]

    Katzenminze: Building models on ridiculous 24 hour deadline with no sleep is absolutely tedious! But insanely fun and rewarding. You're right about the sketches, but sadly I have no Wacom to digi paint over sketches... yet. Thanks for checking in!

    Tugelbend: Wow, haha thanks! Your kind words are much appreciated!

    Greywoods: Thank you very much. That means a lot. I've always wanted to check out posemaniacs but for some reason haven't gotten around to it... weird. I'll get on that! Thanks for the reminder!

    kelly x: Thank you very much, Kelly

    Kfeeras: Glad you liked the designs! They were really fun to do, it makes me wonder why I hadn't done them like that before haha. I haven't gotten into Bammes yet, but I hear wonderful things. Those Loomis studies did help a lot, and for me, being an arch major, the precision of it all helped just as much in draftsmanship as it did learning the figure for anatomy. It was definitely a lot of help but I still think drawing something from life, something you can walk around and interact with, gives you something extra you can't get from any book or instruction. Hahaha, Flight of the Conchords is amazing, I just watched their first Season DVD a couple weeks ago actually! Thanks for posting it, it did make me laugh!

    AsaB: Asa! Thank you for stopping by again. You're too kind as always

    dark eagle: I'll give your ratio idea a try today. It sounds really interesting because I'm sure a lot of people look while drawing, or spend an equal amount of time doing both. I'm not actually aware of how I go about this, so I'll pay more attention to me next time and see what's going on in the process! And I totally agree about how anchored into time and style both Loomis and Bridgman are, if we look back at the masters and such, most of those women were fat and pale, and moving towards more modern times, they're very reasonable, so you're completely right about this. I find Loomis and Bridgman more than just an anatomy study as they help me stray away from the precise, tight lines of drafting in architecture and into more loose fluid moments. Helps me get away from being too mechanical haha. Thanks for the good crits and time

    Demo: Wow, thanks very much. They're actually not nearly as good as the originals. I've only studied anatomy from George Bridgman's book Constructive Anatomy and Andrew Loomis books, which can all be read online, and of course Michael Mentler, who can be found right here on CA. Just search for Mentler and check out his threads, he's a badass.

    c@s: Ento voc deve realmente ser Brasileiro cara! Hahaha. Thanks for stopping in

    luness: Thank you very much for the encouragement! More to come for sure. Looking forward to your next big update! Thanks

    Eon: Thank you very much! I've left you a post on your thread with details. That quote is funny! It made me think a lot, though... it's rather serious and accurate too. Hm. Thanks for checkin' out my stuffs!

    Kaffinated: More updates?! MORE UPDATES?!?! TAKE THIS!

    Small update... crappy day. My university accidentally lost my scholarships, grants, loans and registration so... dealing with that mess is time consuming and offensive. All should be correct and well by next week, says them, but I've already begun looking at other schools. Anyway, here's some less-than-good nonsense.
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    Only the heart intrinsically noble can succeed...
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    Great anatomy studies at the beginning of your thread! you got some really cool architecture going on here, i love the models!
    Fatum Istum Stultorum ~Durandal
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    Yah mentlers stuff is the shizz but u post a few more and mabey ull give him a good run for his money speaking of mentler to me it seems like hes every where and know where at once when i wana find his SB its like burried somewhere but randomely he`ll show up some where weird
    well keep postiong the architexture it remindes me of this book i got and its a good thing
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    If anyone is interested in streams or hangouts let me know!

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    Your anatomy studies and you architecture sketches are soooo good.
    Nowadays it's not so common to find a colleague able to hold a pencil, it seems that computer and CAD programs have made architects forget how to draw freehand... (at least here in Italy)

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    i do enjoy carnelian's portrait. cool stuff.

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    Nice work..keep it up!

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    Nice studies! Just because?
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    Looks like you're a hard worker.
    I dig the architecture, that last one reminds me a bit of the new Cowboys stadium they're building over here in Arlington.
    sweet :.

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    hey Ian!

    Thanks for stopping by my SB. You have some really lovely work here. It seems like your admiration for structure is nicely transferred to your anatomy studies Looking forward to more posts!

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    dark eagle is offline i hatea the italino sterotypes ina da soc'ty
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    omg omg I love that style you did the building in. I dont know why I just like the shapes. Especially the last one. But I'm not sure if it wouls hold against a gale.

    Looks like it would get swept away, literally.

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    Hey man, thanks for dropping by in my thread.
    You've got some good potential in here. You're ambitious! Seems you're in search of understanding and beauty. A winning combination.
    Hope you keep it up. My mantra -
    Draw more from life

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    hey, thanks for dropping by my SB. Your sketchbook is full of life and very varied - you're very multitalented. Beautiful work, please post more

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    yay! architecture stuff!!!! love the way you skecth comrade, post more projects, and keep working on anatomy, I find that it improved the way I understand form a great deal!!!!!
    I'm an architecture student too, heh, that's why I only update once a month, too busy to do anything!!! I hope they don't exhaust you so much in the US...

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