Sketchbook: The road to animation
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Thread: The road to animation

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    Talking The road to animation

    Well, the other day I was doodling and an idea assaulted me:

    "Hey, I suck at color, but I am not too bad getting gestures and poses". Then it stroke me: Animator. I must have been born not a fine artist, not a colourist, maybe a draftsman, but quite close to an animator.

    So, I decided to embark myself in this trip. I have signed for some art classes (starting on September), and started to fill some pages with doodles.

    I will try to show my progress here, so these are the first results (I hope I can laugh at them in some months on):

    Some children characters for an idea I have for a music video...

    And a small test with TVPaint Animation (looks like a nice program, but I haven't made my mind about which one to buy):

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