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    Body of Work

    Thought I'd start a discussion about the topic since I'm embroiled in the thumbnail/idea stage for a series of illustrations that I want to do on smoking. It's like art therapy for me but nonetheless I am looking to present it somehow once it's done.

    I have a few options through my school since we have two student galleries. I imagine I can also get it into some coffeeshops provided it's not tooo gross or anything. I have some worries there since I don't know all that many ppl in Toronto and prolly wouldn't be able to get too many people out for a showing.

    Just curious about anyone else's experiences on CA doing art shows. I know that such a site as this is more focussed on dwarves and guns than anything with a statement so how have you reconciled that if you're interested in the fine art side of things?

    Are galleries a viable option if you're just starting out? I do plan on creating the entire series of images myself but I've also heard that it's alot easier to do a show if you get a bunch of people to work on the same theme. It makes sense to me but

    I think with smoking, I have alot of personal things to say because I'm trying so hard to quit. I wouldn't want to dilute the msg of the show/statement. Then again, perhaps it doesn't necessarily have to dilute the msg.

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    Just because this site is filled with fantasy and industrial works, doesn't mean we don't do editorials.
    Some of us may even be studying or graduated from a degree of visual communication/advertising (like me).

    If you're asking us about ideas and concepts for your smoking editorial, you better do your own homework. research.

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    I think this site could serve as a valuable resource for the conceptual work as well as might hook a few interested artists, though I think you should also look elsewhere for contributing artists since the Toronto CAers do tend to keep to themselves.

    How many artists do you think you'd want for such a group show? I think there's a good number of basic questions you need to pull the answers out of the air for you to start; when is it, how many pieces, how strong is the editorial message (anti-smoking, or as broad as anything related to smoking), just 2D or 3D as well.

    If you go through with it, I'd love to see a thread devoted to your and the other artists's developmental work

    A show on smoking's a good idea. You might get some attendees from here as well -- but I bet gallery ads in NOW and TORONTO LIFE would do better.


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