Sketchbook: MM Howard's Sketchbook - May Cause Temporary Blindness (Update: March 08,2010)
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    MM Howard's Sketchbook - May Cause Temporary Blindness (Update: March 08,2010)


    *deep breath*

    I was too scared to post on here for a long while. I signed up, I think, three months ago, with tons of sketches to post, (edit) but I was afraid of the type of critique I was going to get. I sucked it up and I'm ready to improve.

    Just a little bit about me:

    I'm 23 (old enough to drink, yay), want to go to school for art after getting my associates in Broadcasting for a BSA in either Animaton or Game Art Design, and hopefully will be the first out of a family of artists not to give up on it because of other things in life. Mostly self-taught, but took 6 art classes (had to stop due to family problems). That being said...enjoy, comment, and rip my art to shreds so I can get better!

    (Note: Wasn't going for a likeness of Jessica Alba or copying every detail of the movie poster on first drawing, but it was fun to do!)

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