Thank you Dave!
You are right. I need to keep at the old anatomy an also at every other kind of studies (perspective shading etc...)
I know I'm at the very beginning and the way toward improvement is so long!
But I think I will be able to persevere.
(about the cute mice i'll see what I can do...)

Here is the first life drawing lesson we had at school. the male model had the clothes on because we had to focus on the folds.

Attachment 751509

more folds

Attachment 751515
Attachment 751516

aging studies

Attachment 751512
Attachment 751513

exercise of gesture from life

Attachment 751514
Attachment 751519

...and from photo ref

Attachment 751522

expression studies of the handsome face of my sweetheart!

Attachment 751518


Attachment 751521

other stuff...

Attachment 751523
Attachment 751520
Attachment 751517