The best I have to offer-- large amount of images
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Thread: The best I have to offer-- large amount of images

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    The best I have to offer-- large amount of images

    Hi, this is my first posting here and I'm both excited and anxious. I'm well aware that I possess mediocere skills at best and therefore fully expect harsh critique, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to actually being critiqued because dA really affords me little (I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I've actually gotten a critique).
    Because I was one of those idiots that started with anime (and has since seen the grievous error that is putting stylization first) but with a desperate desire to kick the habit, I've been trying to get myself to do more realistic things.
    These are some examples of what I've done in the last year, as far as finished products go (doodles and throwaways abound) that includes both realistic pieces and pieces in paint, which is a medium I had shied away from and now love.
    While for the most part I can't go back and fix what's wrong, I will be keeping track of the consistant issues within my work, though I'll fix what I can.
    Pictures are in order from newest to oldest.
    Ladybug: Prismacolor markers
    Portrait: Acrylics
    Raspeberries: watercolor
    Hand Study: charcoal
    Otter: Acrylic and watercolor
    Pink Hair+Rainbows: Acrylic
    Robot: Acrylic

    Here goes nothing ><;;

    P.S. If there's anything wrong with how I posted this, please tell me so I can do better next time!

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