Nightblue VS LORD M - JUDGED
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Thread: Nightblue VS LORD M - JUDGED

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    Nightblue VS LORD M - JUDGED

    I and Nightblue are going to fight again. I picked topic 6, and player 2 - choise B. Nightblue haven't choosed yet. We decided we would take no longer than 2-3 hours on our pieces.

    topic 6

    player 1 (attacker):tears through the battlefield with a battle axe
    A- you cleave your oponent in 2 clean halves, your savage face roaring in bloodlust
    B- you swing your massive axe through the air over your head, your oponent turns to run away

    player 2 (defender) :you have a realisation
    A - your aura changes , you realise the way of the world, you are enlightened on the battlefield and no harm can possibly befall you.
    B - you decide to fight fire with fire, your eyes tighten, your skin becomes like stone, you rush at your oponent like the wind.

    Good luck to both of us, Nightblue!

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