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Thread: apocalypse kid

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    apocalypse kid

    here's something I'm working on for an album cover. Don't know where to take it next, so please don't hold back. Be brutal!
    apocalypse kid

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    Hey this is looking pretty cool. Seems like some graphic typography would tie it up nicely. The one thing that jumps out at me as a little awkward though, is the blood spatter on his eye... because of the shadows under the eyes being brown, and the blood being a similar shade of red, it makes the splatter look like a port wine birthmark instead. Since you have a hot pink ear necklace, purple slippers, and a blue gun, maybe you could pop the red out a bit more, make it brighter for contrast, maybe not the whole splatter, but just a part of it to stand out.
    Also, I can't read where the splatter came from... it doesn't look natural. Seems like it should have more of a projectile direction, right now it looks like the gunsite spit blood in his eye... I like the rest though

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    I agree with the blood being brighter for contrast. I'm also unsure if thats where the shadow should be. I think it would come to more of a angle. Hopefully someone more experienced could comment soon. Also depending on the genre of the music you could add some more detail to the figures clothing/gear like you did with the Felix the cat button and the ears. Maybe do a homage to one of the bands inspirations ( for example if it was ACDC maybe put a lightning bolt on the gun )
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    if this is an almbum cover, I'd say don't hold back anything to make it pop. Some strong red /blue (or any warm / cold) rim lighting would really help this pop. it would also help defines the forms alot. and as a personal note, i'd darken those eyebrows.
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