$300$ Dollar cd cover contest

Ok so I want a raw ass cover for our first mix tape that has been pushed back more times then Shaquiel O'Neals hair line. The Mix tape is Called Brown Dope and The Name of The Group is called Hoodlumz World they are a Gangster rap/Urban R & B group of Puerto Rican and Hispanic kids from the Logan Square, Humboldt Park communities in Chicago Illinois
Those communities are known for there highly concentrated Puerto Rican and Mexican populations and there ruthless street gangs like the Insane Spanish Cobras and the Maniac Latin disciples. Hoodlumz World is a direct product of that environment and you can hear cries for change in there lyrics and even a few words of wisdom for the younger generations of Hoodlumz who have not yet realized the fight is not in the hood it's in America. With no Jesse Jackson's and one of the highest rates of Murders to children attending Chicago public schools life is bleak in Hoodlumz World almost everyday more bad news of the latest casualties, legal issues and the hardship of just trying to survive during this depression the economy is facing today. The rap game is the only thing these kids got to make it through the day. It's true and you hear it clearly in there lyrics these kids dont rap about chains and ice to them the mic is therapy a release from there struggles and there poetry comes straight from the heart.

this is their logo

Heres another play on the logo its supposed to be a little boy holding the globe but the guy we had draw it made him look real grown we would like to go back to the little cute boy but instead of Holding the Globe we would like him breaking a record.

300 dolla Mix tape cover contest
300 dolla Mix tape cover contest
this is how we are going to do this we will judge by these three things
3)Color Scheme

First place takes 150
second place takes 100
third place takes 50 bucks

dead line September 1st

if u want to research the group more just google Hoodlimz World with the z
theres tons of stuff out there on my guys including some kick ass videos I wrote and directed

submit here or to truehoodlum @ G Mail Dot Com

you can see pictures of the group and different plays on the logo at