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    takmask2 Guest

    Unhappy VENTRILO voice chat!

    Hey takmask! come join us every night for VENTRILO voice chat! Discuss all the topics on ca, get personalized critiques instantly. Here is the info, Host: Port: 4042
    I'm sure everyone has seen this at the top of the forums. Does anyone have a link? I'm confused.

    I downloaded VENTRILO by following this page:

    But now how do I get to the chat? I'm new to this.

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    were on here right now talking about you!!!!!!!!!!



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    takmask2 Guest
    lol, but really, how do you get there?

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    I've been signing on Vent practically every day now..
    takmask, go here:

    At the very top you'll see it says VENTRILO VOICE CHAT with a download link. Then just follow the steps to get onto the right server and port.

    and for those who have a mic and don't know how to set it up to work on Vent:
    When you sign on vent, go to "Setup"
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    Then just make sure you're settings pretty much look like this: (use any hot key you like, but I think :right alt: works best)
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    takmask2 Guest
    I'm sorry, but I don't even know how to get to that point where that menu pops up:

    I'm on a Mac if that effects anything. I installed it but there's no icon for Ventrilo, only VentriloClient which is the installation thing. Helpz.

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    takmask2 Guest
    Okay, I have a mic and everything and I can hear people, but a little red speaker doesn't show up next to my name and I can't talk. I followed the directions, too. Help please. D:

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