Art: 2008 work of me (Bliz)

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    2008 work of me (Bliz)

    I haven't posted for a good couple of years. Been too busy to keep up with my personal work but making a concerted effort to keep recent momentum up.

    The pic below is a photoshop colourisation of a pen & ink drawing I did a couple of years ago of your typical cliche'd 'grey alien'. (I think the black and white original was the last thing I posted on
    I tried to get a subtle irridescent effect n the skin.
    The image is quite simple because I'm still trying to get my colourisation process down.

    About eight or nine years ago I had a dream and when I woke up I remembered this 'scene' [below] more vividly than the rest. I don't know 'what' the dream meant. All I remember was that the clowns in strange jet-powered-retro planes were harrasing the two frogs who were pulling the snail (?!).
    The next day I sketched this scene out and since the year 2000 it remained as a pencil sketch.
    Then just before Chrstmas 2007, I embarked on colourising the sketch in Photoshop. Like I said above, I'm still very much in the early stages of getting my colourisation process clear in my head so this piece was a good learning exercise for me.

    More stuff, in the next couple of weeks (hopefully )

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    haha the 2nd pic is very cute good job

    Quote Originally Posted by OmenSpirits View Post
    (on the topic of ART) She's a demanding bitch that wants ALL your time and gets angry and pulls away if you even LOOK at another creative endeavor! "What, I'm not GOOD enough for you now? hm? well guess what, BAM! now try to draw without me, ya bastard!"
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    gl hf!

    i'm really pulling for the snail in this one!

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