Sketchbook: A Struggling Beginner's Sketchbook (Updated December 9th)
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Thread: A Struggling Beginner's Sketchbook (Updated December 9th)

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    A Struggling Beginner's Sketchbook (Updated December 9th)


    Hello everyone! Name's Ashlee (You can call me Sky), and I've just gotten into taking my drawings more seriously. I've dabbled on and off in practicing life drawings and what not, but starting just a few months ago, I really got into it, thanks to my mentor giving me that push.

    I'm 18 years old, and fear that my level of skill isn't nearly up to par for people of my age. I will not let this hold me back, however. As late as I am, I can still do what I can to improve.

    I have to admit, I am a little intimidated to be here. There are just so many amazing artists! But they do say that interacting with more advanced artists is more beneficial to a beginner than just staying 'round people near my level.

    Feel free to critique me as harshly as you need to, without personally insulting me of course. Whatever it takes to jam improvement into my brain, do it. I'd also appreciate links to helpful sites and pages, and just general advice from you better artists out there. Here's the first three of my drawings I'm going to post:

    Drawn from stock image

    The names are of the DeviantART users that I referenced from.

    Now these were actually done while I was out about town with my mom. No references here other than the people I saw, and the tree stump I had in front of me. LOL

    I do intend to update this with much more. I just hope I don't forget. LOL. Any and all comments are welcome, but critique is most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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