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    Need some orientation :)

    Hi, I was accepted into Ringling's Computer Animation Major for Fall 2008. Due to a slew of personal issues from familial to financial, I was not able to attend this year.

    I was bummed out for a couple of days, but...doing so doesn't solve anything. So, I started thinking about my options. Right now they are either go to a state school (free) for four years and major in architecture, or go to my local community college for two years (also free) and get an associates in animation.

    I would do my associates in animation, but...I'm not sure if I'll have enough credit of my own to take out a loan for Ringling by my lonesome for four years in just two years. I will have learned my way through maya and adobe packages, so that definitely helps for my future endeavors in Ringling and beyond. Ringling also holds application for two years, so I don't have to go through all the hustle and bustle again (not really an issue, but...just sayin'.

    If I go for my four years in architecture, I know I'll have enough credit history for my four years at Ringling and I'll have some knowledge in architecture which will also aid me in my future endeavors. I won't be able to go to Ringling as early as I would like, and I won't know as much maya as i would have liked, but...I'll have a bachelors and credit.

    Also...if I keep doing my art (which I will), I might be able to apply for a few internships at companies like EA or something, since all they require is that I'm working towards a bachelor's degree, nothing about a degree in animation or illustration Oh, and not to mention I'll get two shots at a Pixar intership as a junior in my state school and junior in Ringling.

    Oh, here's student works from the community college:

    Also, my state university does not have animation, that's why I chose architecture, plus...I might be able to work with some 3d design apps (I think that's only for a masters though...). Thanks for any feedback.
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    Why not find an out-of-state state school that offers a bachelor's degree in Computer Animation? That seems to be the most logical course of action here. I'm not sure where you live, but Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio offers some very good scholarships (I think a 30 on the ACT and a 3.8 GPA will guarantee you full tuition) and has had a fair amount of success with their program. A team of their students won the first Siggraph FJORG! animation contest, and I believe they had a Dreamworks hire last year.

    There are probably other state schools out there with animation programs. You'll have to really fight for it at a smaller "no-name school," but anything can happen with determination.

    Another option is going for either your bachelor's degree or associates degree and supplementing yourself with It's still not cheap, but it's certainly much cheaper than Ringling.

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    If Ringling is still your ultimate graduation destination, why not see what classes you can take at either one of your options that can transfer over?

    It's obviously not the most linear & direct way of getting that Ringling degree but if you've got your heart set on in, why not continue striving for it? I don't think it's still out of your reach. Take what credits you can now and transfer them over when you're ready to dive back into Ringling; but be aware that as soon as you cash them in for a BFA somewhere else they might not be eligible for transfer credit to Ringling. Double check with them to be sure.

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