Hey guys/girls, I need help with one of my classes. I need my ideals to take this Informational Interview and then report my findings. Since I look up to just about every one this site I thought this would be a great place to start. If you don't wish to have your findings posted in this thread please feel free to PM or e-mail the survey to me.

Thanks, Patrick

Informational Interview

What is your name?

What company do you work for?

What is the title your company has given you?

What exactly are you responsible for?

How long have you worked for your current employer?

Who else have you worked for?

How much education do youíve?

Do you enjoy your job?

Have you always known you where meant for this Industry?

If you could change jobs what would do?

Who has been an inspiration to you?

If you donít mind me asking how much does a man in your position make per year?

How many hours does your job require each week?

Do youíve the flexibility of changing your hours as long as the work gets done?

What programs do you know?

What programs do you use most often?

Did youíve to purchase those programs or did your current employer fork out?

What kind of computer do you use?

If you could learn a new program what would it be and why?

If you could go back to school where would you attend?

Are their any programs you would recommend me learning?