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    Unexpected Reference!

    Okay, so when I draw, I like to prepare reference but I realize lately I've been drawing things where unexpected reference is needed comes up and I'm not near any sources with that type of reference. What do you usually do in this situation? Do you just finish the image from your imagination? I don't draw by a computer so... I was wondering what your reference usually is. Do you draw and then go on the internet wehn you need reference? or do you use books? Let me know all the details!

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    I usually do loads of thumbs then decide what kind of refs I need. If it's possible I shoot them all myself (or have bf shoot pics of me.) Else I go on the intarwebs. Sometimes, rarely, books. I also continually take pics of random stuff all the time and then sort them as later refs.

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    This question confuses me. You should try to figure out what you're going to need when you start a project. If, partway through, you realize you need something else, you should get it.

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    yes i do rererences

    it would would have been much better if u would have posted some of your works. i always start with my imagination. once i am clear in my mind what i exactally want i go for reference just to get an accuracy. i search net, shoot by my self or go out on road or even mountains to search for it(i am little bit crazy guy) sometimes i dress my self to see how it feels to be what i want to draw, there cant be any art without emotions.

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    If you are talking about just general sketching, rather than for a specific project, then yeah, I've had that happen. I'll either roughly indicate where I want it to go and scribble a little reminder note. Or if it's more crucial to the image I'll wing it knowing it will be bad.

    One of my favorite places to go to just sketch is the mall. I hang out at the food court, grab lunch, and then people watch and sketch. You get a pretty good variety of people. Another advantage is if I get stuck on reference, there are two book stores there at the mall to look for quick reference .

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    can't you get a reference that's relevant to your project, and just use your imagination and creativity to use that reference in a different light and into your work?

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