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Thread: Show & Tell :: Show us what you got! And tell us about it!

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    Red face Show & Tell :: Show us what you got! And tell us about it!

    Well, not that kind of show & tell, however if you really feel inclined ...

    Seriously, what I had in mind was a simple distraction away from all the endless politicking in the Lounge to something a little more interesting - something that hasn't been hashed over 300 billion times in just as many threads...

    Most of us have interesting objects that have a story attached to them in some manner - be it a hand-me-down from a grandparent or something that you found that holds some sort of personal significance for you.

    I've two drastically different items that I've kept with me for many, many years, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you, and to see what others have of their own to share.

    These are mine:
    Name:  skull.jpg
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    This is a dik-dik skull as near as we can tell - it can easily fit into the palm of your hand. And yes, it's real. My mother found it when she was a girl out in San Joaquin Valley near Bakersfield. For years we had fun explaining to people that Jack-O-Lopes really do exist

    Name:  granade.jpg
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    This is a smoke grenade from the Viet Nam era. It was carried by my father, whom some of you know was a Navy Medic attached to a Marine Company while he was over there. The grenade rested with the rest of his gear on his back roughly over his left shoulder blade - about the location that his heart would be.

    That hole in the grenade is from a bullet fired from a sniper. The bullet is still there, however the grenade primer has long since been removed. The shot was fired at my dad while his company was under fire and he was working on one of his guys who took a round. It in essence saved his life - doubly so since it didn't ignite - white phosphorous is not a happy thing that close. And, as an odd little twist to the story - if that grenade hadn't have been there, and my father killed, I wouldn't be writing this now.

    Okay, your turn.

    All the best,

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