So my laptop died, and though I do have a desktop, I enjoy mobility.

Besides, the last laptop was a brick with low battery life. I'm thinking the hard drives have failed in it, and if I feel like reviving it, may sell it.

After poking around for a bit on the forums, I didn't really see anything in depth, but I was wondering what your opinions were as far as a laptop goes.

I'd like something with at least a 15'' screen. I have a wacom tablet, and after poking around at the less than impressive offerings in the Tablet PC realm, I think I'll stick to the tablet and laptop combo. However, if you have a Tablet pc that you absolutely love and it has a decently sized screen, feel free to plug it.

My desktop is for gaming, so this is purely a workhorse laptop.

And I can hope and dream of getting something with XP instead of Vista, but I know better.

Thank you for any suggestions you have.