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    Phos' Sketchbook

    Well, I joined awhile ago, and I believe now's my first time posting. I'm a 17-year-old senior this year and I'm looking for improvement and critique. Compared to others my age, I'm aware that I'm a bit behind. c: I'm looking to really improve this year as for my senior project I've chosen to write and illustrate a children's book (not get it published, but just to do it). However, I'd like to go to school for animation, or something in that category.

    I really appreciate critique (a real rarity on DeviantArt...) and if anyone would ever want to take out the time to redline any of my stuff, be my guest. I'd also like to know some pointers and what I should work on specifically.

    Recently I've been introduced to the program Open Canvas 1.1... I absolutely adore it, so lately I've been doing a lot on it. That's what I'll post for now. Nothing big or exciting, but I'll do more adventurous things soon. I have colored versions of the dogs... They just need to be resized a bit. That's a German Shepherd, Belgian Tervuren, and a Dalmatian by the way. The little creature at the bottom is supposed to be a German Shepherd Dragon Addax-horned combination of sorts.

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    I don't think you are behind at all. Your dog studies are very nice, much better than the face I see there. I think you should spend some more time studying people, bring them up to the level of your dogs. I would like to see something other than a profile shot though. ^^

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    I think you have a lot of ability. Your dogs are great.More practice drawing people will really help you out.

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    Phosphorus. Nice contour drawings. Only from side profile though. It'd be god if you tried different angles and maybe some life drawing could help out a lot!

    "Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway."

    Jussi Tarvainen


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    I like your first dog Sketch

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    I am only a beginner my self, but I would suggest to not worry what others drawing ability is like. There is always someone better no matter what you do, worrying about being behind is a quick way to become depressed with your art and it will be easier for you to give it up if you allow it to get to you.

    I would suggest studying George Bridgemen, Andrew Loomis, and Vilppu books. All are available in PDF format if you do a google search. Vilppu will be helpful in particular for someone looking into animation.

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