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    Oils vs. Acrylics

    I am right now at a stage where I think my drawing(well the ones I actually spend a lot of time on) are accurate enough to take into a painting. But ofcourse a question strikes me and I'm not sure what to do really.

    I myseld haven't used oils that much but I can learn and have heard many good stories about them, well in those they're only undermining acrylics.

    And if you do have a oppinion could you please accompony it with the name of the brand which you use.

    thanks in advance for replies.

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    I haven’t painted with either for years, but I preferred oils to acrylics any time. I found oils more sensual to paint with whether doing thin washes or spreading it on thick with a palette knife. Always found acrylics plasticy, but then other people get amazing results with it so YMMV. Never painted with high grade stuff, but I only bought colours that lasted – not that I’ve created anything that deserves permanence, but just in case I did.

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    Thanks, and what do you mean by sensual. Are oils more responsive or do acrylics lag behind the brush?

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    It depends on a lot of factors.
    Oils don't dry fast (unless you want them to, but that's another story) so If you want to rework them you can. Some people like that. Acrylics dry almost instantly in their natural state, you can keep them wet longer if you want. Some people like that, too. It depends also on what style you use, if you want to blend a lot then oils is probably for you. If you want to apply many coats and have them dry in between then acrylics is probably for you. Oils are ..well..oily, it's very hard to describe the way it feels when you paint with them.
    The bottom line is, try both and see which you like. People have incredible results in acrylic and oil, Personally I think it has more to do with the artist than the medium.

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    Dark Eagle, I my humble opinion:

    Acrylic cons:

    1. Dries fast, so direct blending is not that easy, sometimes even imposible. Of course its possible with glazes and medium, but thats less direct. Or using retarder, but I dont like messing up with dilluting paint and so.

    2. Becasue its dries quick its seems to be a lot of waste on palette. Of course you can use water spray and it sort of works, but really not that convinient. Also somehow I tend to use much more amount of acrylic per painting then oil.

    3. When drying changes colour, so there might be a problem with matching next stages, depends on technique and experience. You could you sta-wet palette though.

    4. Looks plastic. Yeah, you can use varnish and so, but still its plastic and looks plastic and I have seen few of them.

    Acrylic pros:

    1. Dries fast so I can progress glazing layers pretty quickly. Also painting thickly is much much quicker

    2. Paint comes in much larger tube for less money, generally acrylics are cheaper.

    With acrylic I like Alterier Interactive. They have extended open time, so blending is easier as well as dont dry that fast. Paint can reopen even after few days. Pigmentation is good, colours are ricjh and priced quite resonable.

    Oil cons:

    1. Dries slow, particulary with some pigments, so working in layers is generally slower. Of course we can use turps, alkyds, driers or even sun/heater, but still touch dry usually takes few days. Depends on climate though.

    2. Generally more expensive, particulary some better brands and obviously there is less in a tube

    Oil pros:

    1. Dries slow, so I can do great blends even next day with fresh eye.

    2. Dries slow, so I can keep the same palete with the same mixed colours even for day. So paint seems to be use to the last drop.

    3. Paint does not change colour when dried if properly used

    In general I prefer oils, particulary for quick sketches and smaller paintings, such a great and direct tool. Dont worry about all those technicalities you can read about, mediums, techniques, rules and so. Buy small but resonable pallete and just use paint straight from tube and paint directly. In fact as a practice you could start with black and white paint only. Actually I recommend that.



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    Quote Originally Posted by RyerOrdStar View Post
    Personally I think it has more to do with the artist than the medium.
    kinda like my motto.

    EDIT: If you want direct blending on acrylic, use latex.

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    I have hated and and ultimately loved both. Brand doesn't matter. You can even combine them by using oil on top of dry acrylic. For illustration purposes, digital makes more business sense. I advise trying all three and feeling out what you prefer.
    I think you are awesome, and I wish you the best in your endeavors, but I am tired of repeating myself, I am very busy with my new baby, and I am no longer a regular participant here, so please do not contact me to ask for advice on your career or education. All of the advice that I have to offer can already be found in the following links. Thank you.

    Perspective 101, Concept Art 101, Games Industry info,Oil Paint info, Acrylic Paint info, my sketchbook.

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    I love oil, because I get distracted easily and I can always come back later.

    When I use acrylic, I always see shiny things and then come back 3 hours later to a dried up painting that I can't really work into anymore.

    It's funny though, when I browse CA or look at other's work, I'm usually way more impressed by acrylic stuff. I think it's because I suck at it and appreciate the amount of skill to get that accurate that fast.

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    Acrylic is really annoying to work with for me since it dries so fast and I'm used to oil.

    It's much harder to mix a colour on your canvas when you use Acrylic since it will be dried often before you have the mix you want. You can can just mix off canvas but it's just weird for me.

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    Oils man here as well - Oil's dont dry as fast (unless you use Liquin or other mediums), you can paint into them again even after they dry if you apply liquin directly to the painting in a thin coat, and any mistakes you just paint over and start again. To get dynamic work, it requires great skill - especially if you're going for the Old Masters.

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