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    More art theft than you could shake a stick at

    I looked around for any article that relates to this but couldn't find anything- although if there is you can just delete this.

    most likely some of you know that people are stealing original artwork at game spy message forum.

    here is their response to it: quite amusing and 100% retarded

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    I want to kill them. I want to kill them all.

    "Although current copyright law automatically protects original artwork from the moment of its creation even without inscribing a copyright notice, failing to place one on artwork may make it vulnerable to so-called innocent infringers,"

    Graphic Artists Guild

    I hate people who are so dumb they think they can steal an image just because it doesn't have a little C on it. We could all put a little C on our stuff if we wanted.

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    Avatars Inc seems to be now taking steps to rectify the situation, after numerous artists complained, and only after a Gamespy representative stepped in. One of the Avatar Inc. guys seems very bitter about it.

    but as you can see, most of the links on the right side of the page leading to avatar categories are no longer active

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    The real drama is that they do not even for one second think about creating their own avatar. Which would be their own copyright. Digital cameras are everywhere these days, and you can also ask someone who can draw to do one for you...

    It is just the problem that kids who grew up with the internet and the copy/paste button think that it is not only legal and normal to steal other people's work, but that it is also RIGHT to do so, and even cool...

    Pretty soon nobody will create anything anymore but everybody will rip off everybodies collection of smilies and avatars...

    Power is nothing without intelligence.


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    One thing for sure is that I am not going to promote those artists that have worked to get site content down. I am not about to help those who prevent me from helping others.
    ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! What an idiot! Did you hear that everyone? If he can't steel your art for his avatars without giving you credit, he's REALLY not going to give you credit! :eek:

    No apology. No admission of fault of any kind. God forbid we disturb the little hobby he's made out of taking people's artwork and shrinking it for so that videogame fanatics can pretend that they're really cool just like their favorate videogame characters.
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