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    MelodiousNocturne's Sketchbook Stuff

    Hey, new here. I didn't see an introduction area, so that gets lumped in with the sketchbook post. I was referred here by Ajene. I was only going to join if I found something worthy to see the light of day in my sketchbooks. I (unfortunately?) did. It's all characters that I've drawn because my real passion lies in writing (although I'm probably better at drawing =_= ) and I like to draw my characters out. So all the ones I'm about to post are all from one story I'm working on.

    Attachment 408594
    (His class is mercenary, in case you're wondering. But I haven't been able to think of a good name for him yet.)

    Attachment 408599
    Attachment 408596
    (Drew him twice to try out slightly different stuff. In the second one, I have no idea where the rest of his staff is and I deliberately hid his hand xD I think I like the first one more, overall. And the skull on his front...that was suppose to be a shadow. Like, the eyes were sunken. Came out more like a raccoon mask though.)

    Attachment 408595

    Attachment 408597
    (Oi. So much wrong with her body, IMO. I need to get better at proportions.)

    Attachment 408598
    (My anorexia pirate? I just thought she looked cool...sort of. Minus the extreme thinness. She's not really apart of any story. Just drew her on a whim after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean *innocent whistle*)

    Eh, I guess that's all for now. I really would like some critique. Hands I would definitly like to get better at. And I would like to get away from those weird looking bangs (the ones that magically go up somehow.)
    But I'm mainly looking for critique because my art was pretty much taught to me by myself, a lot of anime shows, one friend, and a how to draw manga book. <_< It's like the makings of one of those scary fangirls who draw all their characters together and then they get a following of other fangirls who gush and squeal over, I don't have an over-active imagination <_<

    Oh, I did have one art class, but it was all real stuff. I guess it still counts, as it's all art, just not the style I draw.

    Attachment 408601

    That's the drawing I did in art class. It won second place at the rodeo show. It was fun to draw and color, just took a long time. I got teased for a bit afterwards, though. The school displayed it on the TV since it won and everyone was telling me that I draw horses' butts. =____= har har har they're so witty.

    Also, anyone know how I can scale these down? .____. I didn't think they'd be so huge. Now you can see all the flaws x__x Just kidding...maybe. But seriously, how do you scale them down?

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    nice drawings jen good to see you on the forums

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