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    Traditional portait of a young girl.

    Something new I'm not sure I want to push any further. But I want it to be a strong and convincing image.

    What do you guys think?
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    I like it but I think there needs to be more value in the face. (or color, but then again I am color obsessed) I think if you darkened some of the shadows it would look more finished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clessy View Post
    I like it but I think there needs to be more value in the face. (or color, but then again I am color obsessed) I think if you darkened some of the shadows it would look more finished.

    Clessy is right that the values need to be pushed further so that means stronger shadows and highlights and right now you have good mid tones so it really boils down to the matter of guts of pushing the piece. We have all been there. I really feel that this piece is coming along and it looks strong so far but unfinished but I think we would all like to see your reference. The only thing that I think that may be off is her left eye *( our right) and that maybe it may be closer in, just slightly mind you. Keep us posted.

    Hopes this helps.

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    she's very pretty, the colors are nice and muted, giving your portrait a very classic feel.
    If what you mean by convincing is true to the person's likeness, I can't help you there, since no ref is around for me to compare or anything.
    But if you want strong, maybe you can darken those crisp lines of your if you prefer not to define by value. :]

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    yesh, it looks nice...

    it has kind of an Art Nouveau feel to it. So another option to make it look finished, instead of pushing the values in the face, is to keep the shading subtle as is and throw down some more defined outlines. Maybe simplify the background and lose a bit of the texture, and put a nice muted cooler colour in there. maybe up the contrast in a few well-chosen places, like her eyes.

    I dunno, take this with a grain of salt...I have big problems myself.

    EDIT: I like the contrast of the traditional clothing with the lip ring.

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    I think the image needs more balancing tonally. At the moment all of the darkest darks and lightest lights are in the bottom right of the image - whereas they should be in the area you want people to look at the most. Her dark top really stands out, but nothing about her face does - the eyes should be as dark as the top so they stand out more. Perhaps the cloth around the head could be darker to make it stand out from the midtone - or the skin could be lighter.

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    If you squint and look at this, the only thing you see is the left shoulder and the dark of her vest. The rest disappears in the background, ( the eyes are kinda there).

    I'd knock back these two contrasts and try to bring more attention to the face.You need to pop her out of the background...unless that's an effect you're going for...

    There is a shape under the left ear that I can't tell if it's dark hair or shadow...of course my video card ram is shot and I'm about to have a seizure from all the flashing dots on my screen I'm trying to look through, anyway,

    I would at least go over and darken the linework varying up the line weight.

    It's a really nice looking face I gotta say, nice work!
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