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    Cow C.O.W. - #117: Explosive Bug - Voting!


    Topic: Explosive Bug

    Deadline for the voting: Wednesday, 22 July 2008

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

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    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...

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    Artist: Humboldt squid

    Concept: Oligarch Beetle
    This beetle sacrifices its own grubs in order to access food.

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    Artist: eraserfoot

    Concept: Exploding Bug
    When the hatchlings are fully developed the mother secrets two fluids into the pod which combine to create an explosion ejecting the babies into world.
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    Artist: Bluez3023

    Concept: Dual-El
    The Dual-El insect uses it explosive sack to locate ideal mates by emitting a neon glow. When not mating the sack can be fired at attackers to aide in it's escape. Once fired the explosion of the internal toxins can cause disorientation or even paralysis.
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    C.O.W. - #117: Explosive Bug - Voting!

    Artist: gearhart

    Concept: Explosive Bug
    Guess this critter will use the birth of its young to start their first meal. The fluid that surrounds the young is very corrosive and helps the young to start digesting their first meal.


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    Artist: Saturns Gate

    Concept: Concept:Hindock Bug

    The explosive bug, commonly known as the Hindock lived throughout the Jurassic period. Gradually Dyeing out due to its explosive birth. The females of the species can only give birth to one Hindock at a time, and as the birth is rather violent (ripping through the creatures womb and outer skin, organs etc) it causes the female to die. The females have no desire to be mated with, making the males quite obviously, very agitated. Anyway, there all dead now so who cares!
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    C.O.W. - #117: Explosive Bug - Voting!
    Concept:Fire Mantis
    The males reside in small trees and bushes eating other small insects and small mammals. the females lay their eggs on the ground, usually below a selected males territory . each sack the female lays is filled with 20 to 30 eggs covered in a film that evaporates rising up into the trees as a mist. When the mist reaches the sensors on the males abdomen , It causes the sperm sacks on the abdomen to expand and bust shooting up the slope on the thorax spreading all throughout the misty area, slowly falling and fertilizing any nearby egg. The male always dies after the explosion .
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    Artist: Scorge

    Concept: Shapecharger beetle
    Ever heard of the 17 year Cicada? Pretty obnoxious isn't it? Now imagine something 3 times as big, 10 times as ugly, and 1,000,000 times as dangerous, to both trees and animals alike. Can you picture it? I've provided a picture. Now do you see it?
    Like the Cicada, the Shapecharger beetle also has a long gestation cycle, 1000 years to be exact. And you can thank whomever you pray to for that. Because if or when the piercing drone of this creature permeates your eardrums, you will most definitely be paralyzed at the rhythmic vibrations of one of natures true marvels in engineering, and most brutal of designs.
    Found primarily in trees along the rare river beds and moisture rich areas of the African Sahara, this varatious carnivore uses its unique body structure and chemical makeup to create a small but very effective directed explosion, similar to those used by demolition engineers to sever supports in buildings.
    Attaching itself to the leg of creatures thousands of times its own size, the Shapecharger uses its specialized abdomen along with its hooked front legs to latch on and wrap itself around the legs of unsuspecting victims. A highly evolved nuerotoxin which acts to paralyze the area is quickly injected into the soon to be severed limb. Then the fun begins.
    Through small valves on the underside of the V shaped undercarriage, made of a super spongy and energy absorbent skin, particalized sugars and hot air are released filling the small chamber between the abdomen and the skin of the animal. Then by way of a static charge built up through the constant vibration of the beetles wings, a small spark is created that ignites the sugary substance and thanks to the hard carapace of the beetles back, rumored to be stronger than steel, the blast is contained and directed away from the insect, cutting through blood bone and tissue alike, rendering the animal hoofless, pawless, or in some rare cases handless.
    Usually traveling in packs of four or five, these 3 inch beasts can dismember and devour a full grown water buffalo in a matter of days, as long as some predator doesn't steal their kill first.
    So the next time you're in the Sahara, hunting for big game, steer clear of the watering holes and rivers, especially the ones with trees whose branches have all been blown off, and watch out for what may be hunting you. It may be smaller than you think.
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    C.O.W. - #117: Explosive Bug - Voting!

    [B]Artist: Nubb

    Concept: Guts Boiler
    Guts Boiler is a slug-like creature wchich can worm up his guts to explode and melt his victim. After attack Guts Boiler aets what's left from the ground.

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    C.O.W. - #117: Explosive Bug - Voting!

    Artist: Relic

    Concept: Fungus Mine
    Fungus mine is a kind of carnassial insect.They live underground,stick their mushroom like tail (it tastes like mushroom e'en) out of the ground.When the prey chaw that tail up,the chemical liquor which produce in fungus mine's ass will burst forth to the air because the differential pressure.This chemical liquor can cause a violent explosion to blast off the head of the prey,boom~~~that's it.Another mushroom like tail will come out within 24 hours.
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    Artist: Rist

    Concept: Explosive Bug

    The explosive bug has its name from the way it gives birth to its young. As the creature grows so does its head with the little eggs attached. the creature is a unisex and when is born the creatures in the sacks are already growing. So this means that at birth the creature is pregnant; this creates a high birthrate, thus a higher survival rate. But once the eggs become too heavy for the creature to carry (varies from creature to creature, thus the failure rate too), the creature topples backwards, busting the eggs, creating a miniature messy explosion, releasing all the young in the process.

    Thus the creature may forever be named the explosive bug, because no matter how it lives its life, it will forever have the destiny to explode in the end.

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    a leak in the exoskeleton, makes the Mi'n's brain free to grow. because, when the bug ever feels threatend, scared, angry or sad its brain grows, rapid as a tumor. the brain "tumor" consists of explosive chemicals and a burning acid, taking the Mi'n... and its prey with it. larger prey like human forexample will get severe burn marks and/or lose alot of tissue!

    C.O.W. - #117: Explosive Bug - Voting!
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    Cow 117

    C.O.W. - #117: Explosive Bug - Voting!
    Concept: Dante's Wasp/ Vengeance fly

    Dante's wasp...lovingly nicknamed the Vengeance fly by the advanced forces of the new earth expeditionary teams redefines the term "hostile".
    Not much is known at this point aside from the fact that this creature despite it's size is quite the advesary...attacking in swarms it has been known to leave the standard (5) person team as little more than a slurry of porridge like organic matter...
    When threatened the wasps will attack en masse attaching their abdomen to any unfortunate victim...pulling away and tearing it's self in two... effectively ending it's the process a membrane is ruptured which begins the chemical process for the inevitable explosion...
    It goes without saying that staring down the barrel of several thousand of these little monsters is that last thing that any N.E.E.T team member will see, should one be so unfortunate to find him or herself in that position...
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    Artist: -AP-

    Concept: Ignismortis
    Consept: Ignismortis, or as some call it, firewidow, has got its name from it’s reproductive behavior. After mating, male starts to grow fertilized eggs in its abdomen. When eggs are becoming ready to hatch, the sack holding the eggs starts to glow, as the chemicals are concentrating. When this time comes, male starts “dancing” in the air to lure predators. If lucky, predator only eats the sack, but if not... thus the name firewidow. When predator eats the egg sack, the chemicals inside predators stomach and the chemicals inside the egg sack combines creating a explosive compound witch
    explodes in few minutes. Predator dies, and now thehatching larva's has fresh food for consuming to start a new generation.
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    Artist: Saurus

    Concept: Exploding Bug

    1: deploy explosives into fallen fruit
    2: wait and let prey consume the fruit + explosives
    3: animal that consumed fruit explodes
    4: feast!

    C.O.W. - #117: Explosive Bug - Voting!
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