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    I was also reading this section today...I agree about making art from self-photo reference actually its so healthy and great idea but I also think that to draw and paint from reference image as a reproduction(copy) would be helpfull for beginners to improving their skills or something while they on making exercising about drawing and painting when I was course last year we all course people were making from reference or reference art or a masterpiece for learning and for improve it our teacher showed us that way...but don't get me wrong only I wanted to tell my opinions...
    (by the way sorry for my weak English...)

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    Copy or Inspired by?

    Hi everyone, Im a student artist, a beginner. I used many photo reference as well as artwork reference from other artist to help myself to create better art. This is one of my artwork which created few months ago using reference

    Rattletrap ( Warcarft III)

    When i was studying the movement of rattletrap in the game, after a few sketches, i find this character might work well with the character pose and the composition in the reference artwork. So i proceeded and finished the artwork.

    But i am confuse. can i say that im inspired by the original artwork? or that im copying pose?

    Second thing is, lets say i had never seen the reference artwork before, and i created that artwork using a combination of various reference source. And the pose and composition just accidentally look similar to that. How should i defend?
    Have u guys ever encounter this situation before? (it happens to me few times, it made me felt like all my effort meant nothing)

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    Emily, great read. Thanks for hooking me up with this.

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