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    Divine Prophecy; HELP!

    Need a bit of help on this one. I just can't seem to make this any better.
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    It looks absolutely superb but it could do with being a little bit bigger so we can see the detail. Love the lighting!

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    I think you could emphasize the foreground more by sharpening it while muting the far background some more (like those houses on the left, why do they seem more detailed then the grass which is closer to us?). The hands on the goddess could use some work too (I am not convinced she is gripping those weapons), and the weapons look off perspective. Its a great image though, and I'm just picking at little things you could do. Hope this helps.

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    Thats a pretty damned impressive picture, but I'm missing a bit of color in it. It's all pretty grey-ish. The white lady stands out a lot because she's so light and the rest is so dark, but the whole focus is only on her that way. That may be your intention though, so it may not be my place to say it, but somehow my eyes want something more to look at than just her. For instance, what about those people down there? (and perhaps.. if her light is so bright and er.. light, would it affect her surroundings color-wise?)

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    Actually I think any vibrance in the colors might subtract from this piece. The woman who is bright with the swords (I agree about not being convinced that she's got a firm grasp on her weapons) is much bigger than the other figures. I believe in Egyptian art, the bigger the figure, the more important yes? Well, that same principle may be what the artist was going for. No idea if that was the point or not, but I can certainly see it that way. Personally I think it's fantastic even though it's probably digital.

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    She looks like a he; not just the face, but the body, too.

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    Oh, this looks great! very epic!

    I agree with what people have pointed out already, certainly about the fore, middle, and background contrast/clarity. I also feel there is kind of alot of uninteresting space. Alot of the space on the left feels like it could be cropped out, simply because I can't figure out what it's conveying by being in the picture...

    Two other things:
    1. I'm having a hard time figuring out what the sky is doing. Is it day or night? where is the light source for the blue part of the sky? It looks different than the light for the blue part. And is the warm light in the distance...a fire? sunset?

    2. The most interesting character on the top of that hill is the guy with the interesting hat and red cape. The other three pale in comparison as far as shape design goes (the two knights on the right look like the same guy in different poses.) You could push those silhouettes more and get more personality out of your "band of heroes."

    Hope thats helpful...Great pic!
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    The woman looks a bit like a man, and the tit shown (BOOBIES!) realy doesn't do much for the pic, she still looks like a man.
    Also, the swords look a bit off, but i don't know how to make those look better.

    Other then that, it's a good pic.
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