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    interested in a 3D modeling program to layout Geiger/ Nakmura style paintings

    I am thinking I originally posted this in the wrong I am adding it up here...mods please feel free to delete the post in the 3D and modeling section.

    sorry about that.


    I am an illustrator and have been working professionally for several years. I am interested in doing some fine art paintings that are either really complex pen and ink illustrations or large oils...and I want to try something new.

    I am thinking some of the images I want to create might be more effectively set up in a 3D modeling program just to more quickly be able to try different things and deal with some of the complexity in perspective with repeating and receding/ or projecting tech, wires, gears etc. I just want to be able to work through all the experimental periods with the ability to go back a step or two(or many) if need be quickly.....and then I would do the final piece in some traditional medium.

    I just saw Kazuhiko Nakamura's work again and I just can't help but done traditionally in pen and ink, or amazing would that be? I LOVE digital art...but I really have this desire to try and do the same thing with computer on the front end and traditional mediums on the back end.

    I am not looking to regurgitate these guys work and I know that a lot of this style has been explored to death...I am not a wanna be. I respect the genre and I want to do something that's my own.

    so yeah basically my question do all that tech in a 3D program along the lines of Geiger or a Nakamura piece what would be a good program for someone who only knows how to draw by hand and knows some photoshop CS3. I am not lazy and I am willing to dig in and learn but coming into this...I have no idea what would even come close to suiting my needs.

    The ones I am familiar with are Zbrush 3, 3D studio max, Maya, and I saw a few mentioned tonight looking all over the internet for information on my own and discovered two new ones I didn't really know Shade 7 and also Blender(which I have heard of).

    again this is for laying out and setting up a traditional painting or illustration...I DO want the ability to manipulate objects in the image, rotate it, move things around build wires, pipes, gears you name it..That's just so huge in the composition and why I think I will like this way of working...I love the idea of creating the objects and being able to more quickly try things and experiment with size placement etc. I'd also like to be able to experiment with textures for the final image, light it, and maybe even experiment with color....

    I just want to hand draw and/or paint the final piece/

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


    for anyone not familiar with Nakamura's work...I added a link to google here below:
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