Oke, had my evaluation yesterday. I was sooo stressed out, I couldn't eat.
And we were the last ones, it started at 4.30 PM and they discussed us for 45 min.! (which is very long time for discussion).

I was sure that they would be mad at me, cause I forgot my 3D things.
But then Rie eavesdropped at the door and heared that one teacher told the other ones that the teachers from last year (the year i'm doing over again) were so ugly to me. They never said any positive things, so they have to do it now, otherwise i'd loose my self-confidence.
AND; that I am not a 3D-person and that they have to accept that, because I just don't have it.

That sounds cruel, but I'm SOOO HAPPY that they finally see that!
Just how much I try it, I will never be so good as other students of my class. Which will always turn out in a low grade.

Little update; These things are the still-life compositions we had to make this period. Al the paper is because the teacher said it, but I actually like it in the last one (the first one left above).

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I have art history test in a few hours, will drop some sketches (+ self made dummy ) later in here.