So many comments again... I'm so unable to reply in a short way Especially that I'm pretty well now and drew a bit and have so many new thoughts and I evidently scatter some of them among replies.
In very very short {later: nevermind... it will never work): I rested, barely touched my own computer, slept too much, joined the local choir, bought some cheap plasticine, 10 colors, I did snail and basic forms from them, yay... Art wise... Well it started on Sunday when I was unable to draw anything, totally not the mood for anything. I got comments about doing something own already and I know but it's not so easy, I even tried and failed. So I stopped drawing, naturally. Take away my studies and I won't draw. I needed some time without drawing, I was way too obsessed with it and it does very bad to other things and even my art life suffers if I just try to draw and do not much else.
It's too late, my verbose level is extra high. I need to be careful.
A few days passed and I drew with pencil or a thin marker. Mostly heads. Damn slowly. My plasticine objects get a little limelight too and I grabbed my perspective book again.
My tilted heads got a little better after some practice and my rustiness at head drawing is gone now I guess.
I'm quite aware it has nothing to do with my extremely low skills at form/lighting but it's some start.
I should never neglect heads again. I may be bad at it but it's still my only strong point
I want to draw enviros as well. I make cloud photos passionately and Lightroom helps to make the result kinda nice, the jpegs usually are nothing like the real thing. Clouds often are subtle things and a camera is so different from our eyes.

I'm very well and hopeful right now I notice good changes and I had so dark times I appreciate them even if I wish for zillion time more

qlotzan: Thanks, it's always good to have even more pics about skulls though I don't understand why you put these here. I have zillion more beloved subjects than child or embryo skulls, I don't know why. I do draw kids sometimes so I should be aware what's underneath at bone level, maybe (I never use my head muscle knowledge when I draw heads I think, I never felt it would help, no matter what others and logic say).

thedestroyer: Thanks!

My holidays were pretty nonexistent, oh I should already do something about it. Some festive hedonistic days would be nice now and then, without all the fuss and cleaning, of course, that would ruin the hedonistic part. But I live my little peaceful life here, even had snow this week The cat was surprised. He's very young, never saw such a thing.

Plissken: It's painful to disappoint you but I definitely fail at bringing something hot this time. And I knew you will pop in again and complain about the lack of update. Thanks. I guess that's why I came back soon, even before I did, like, anything. Sigh.

Thanks, I will check it out Sometimes I have some flow but more needed and dynamism was always my very weak point. Even if I used reference, I was damn good at remove ALL dynamism from the figures.
I'm full with books to read

Ramalooke: I think that's why I tried to go on a hiatus I can reply the same, I can't do it. I tried to work on my "Teresa holding her rocket launcher pic" by the way (well I had a few mins chibi sketch before), after a few hours I still stuck (I redrew it several times, just lines) and need some more months or years studying anatomy and other stuff. Or just stop everything but I can't do it, damn it. I should make games, that's so infinitely more easy and quick and I can get money through it, hopefully, at least I can try.

Terjis: Dedication? Yeah I guess I have some... It doesn't mean I'm able to draw actually practice, just some studies or scribbles here and there... I need a lil more push but I'm working on it

Black Spot:
But color doesn't even important if I wish to practice form and lighting... I slowly start to develop habits but I bought some plasticine for kids, 10 colors It was cheap and I'm quite happy with it. I made some wobbly stuff with it, not-quite-cube (I tried though), sphere, cone, whatever. I soo will study form. And light and my favourite, radiosity... Reflected light is an awesome thing.

Magical-Shit: I don't quite understand what you mean, not like I remember what happened in the ancient times when I joined but I guess I just did this topic and used it since then...

Roope Maatta:
Thanks! (You makes me blush I know what a topic with goodies is... Nothing like this one. But I so not give up.)
I did some vague attempt at hands again, I tried to keep in mind how you do it, it seems a much better approach than mine, if I have any, hands usually confuse me. It took quite much time to draw a simple one but if fingers starts overlapping and bending, I'm lost. But I feel it's another step closer to figure out how hand drawing works.

Jephyr X:
Really thanks. I dunno why people say such nice things to me, I can't(?) even
draw/paint stuff I actually totally capable of... It's crazy.

in2eternity: Thanks!

Just some pencil stuff.

I barely touched Photoshop, I have just some boring sketches:

I try to bring something nicer next time...
I need to visit sketchbooks too...