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Thread: Is there a particular type of art style CA forums perfer?

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    Question Is there a particular type of art style CA forums perfer?

    I've search high and low and ask around about a forum that I could get constructive criticism for my digital art work. I know there are forums out there that's geared towards critiquing graphic design, illustrations, web design etc.

    I was referred here but before I post worked I wanted to ask does concept art mind if I post more abstract design art work and is their a particular style you guys prefer to be posted here for critiques?

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    This forum is primarily concept art, which tends to realistic illustration, but we have a good many people who only work vector, sculpt, photograph, and two that do everything in crayon on yellow lined paper because of some stupid parole thing. What do you consider abstraction? Maybe we'll like it, maybe we won't, maybe we'll all rush out and get drunk and throwup on some cop... Would you wanna miss that?

    Post something, and we'll see how close a fit we are. That sound fair?
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    Anything that isn't anime or manga! J/K, ahh... that's funny if you just came from reading the thread about critiqueing manga like I have =]

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