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    assassin (3d model)

    Ok, I'm new here.. I don't like introduction posts, so I rather start with this model I made last night. I haven't done any 3D stuff in months, plus this is my first try in poly-by-poly modeling, plus my first try doing a humanoid model.
    It still needs a lot of tweaking (1.2k polys.. argh), and I still have to bone it.

    Since I made the screenshots already..
    here some in progress shoots..
    assassin (3d model)
    assassin (3d model)

    and the final results
    assassin (3d model)
    assassin (3d model)

    plus a little video of the model spinning (~500kb, divx5)

    Modeling was done in Milkshape3D (don't have any experience in MAX, and never got any success in Lightwave). UVMap was made with UVMapper (I lack the 29 bucks to buy Unwrap3D), texture was painted in Photoshop5.5 (best version ever)..

    that's all for now. suggestions and tips are welcome, since I'm new to this. amen.

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    Here's a few comments...

    I like the overall feel of this assassin character...the leather straps, the cowl, he just looks like a bad-ass. There are a few areas where, if pushed a little farther, could make this guy really shine:

    1) the head: the skull seems mishapen, and I think it is a little too tall. Also the texture on the face doesnt compliment the underlying geometry. Good game models use both the geo and the texture to enhance eachother. The anatomy of the face seems a bit off too...I would reccomend getting some fcial reference and repainting some areas, specifically the brow ridge, and the area where the nose blends into the eyes.

    2)Body: I understand that as an assassin you want to give the impression of a wiry, stealthy adversary, but i think he has a bit too much hourglass shape going on. If you tone that down, and give him more of a triangular upper body shape, It woudl make him look tougher and more sinister. I also feel his arms are a little thick when compared to the rest of his body. Also, you may want to try articulating the hands, and model individual fingers. Most modern game models have articulated hands (or they should)...also the lower limit for game characters these days is about 2000 polys (depending on the game) so dont be afraid to add some polys. Finally his feet seem a bit on the stubby and round side.

    3)Costume: Overall I like it. dark and gothic and lots of leather = cool. How about adding some sheathed knives, or some kind of utiility belt? Also, experiment with the contrast of your texture a bit, it is looking a little washed out.

    2)skin tone: I'm not sure if the blue skin tone is not sure if hes supposed to be a humanoid alien, or a human with blue skin. personally I think a pale flesh tone would be a nice contrast to his uniform.

    Hope that have the start of a cool game model here...


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    dragoonen Guest
    thanks for the constructive comment.. I'll work on it
    (to be honest, the head was modeled from a sphere, since I ran out of motivation after the third unsuccesful try to bulid a head by polygons ,)

    edit: just noticed, the blue skintone could be a unconscious tribute to my old UO character back in 99, when I played on this one freeshard ,p

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    oh boy...

    this looks very promissing but... it doesn't look finished. :confused:
    i'll have to move it. sorry.
    Please choose the destination:
    - WIP
    - 3D
    Thx. :chug:

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    dragoonen Guest
    rather 3d, I think. thanks

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    It might look better if you make the arm geometry less uniform. Right now it looks a little robotic because you have the same repeated shapes that make up the whole arm.
    I think the texture is extremely impressive, as far as lining up the UVs was concerned. Any comments on your Unwrap technique?
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