Gimme Face #5 Sly cry


If you haven't yet worked it out, this weekly thread involves everything to do with the FACE or HEAD. Getting the face or head features is one of the most important skills to learn as an artist, especially as a figuretive or character artist. Basicly you mess up, and its totaly noticable. Theres nothing worse than creating a great piece of art, except all the character faces look dead or lifeless.
So here's the plan, each week I'll give you a project that involves a face or head, this could be anything from basic line structure to full colour images, realistic human face to animated hamsters, stone bust to famous faces such as charlie chaplin or sweeny todd. Basicly everything goes, and it may not be just one image, some projects may include multiple faces, similer to the spartan thread.

Project #5 Sly cry

1. Create an image of Sylvester Stallone, in one of his famous movie characters (eg- rocky, rambo, cobra, etc..)
2. Expression - crying
3. Head and face only, as usual.

Deadline - 3rd june