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Thread: Last Man Standing 3 - ROUND 3 / Matches 1-6

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    Baron Impossible, you blew my head off! Great work both you and Viag
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    Incredible turnout! Killer work, peoples.
    There's a lot of gold here, but M.C.Barrett, flaptraps and Bluefooted are hitting all my buttons.
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    Hurricane and Bumskee!
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    Great work as always, the sheer skill of these artists just blows me away.

    They were all great, but i particularly like baron-impossibles.
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    What a Nice Round indeed (*golf clap)!
    My fav.
    Hurry, this one is so nice, and it has some of the strongest storytelling too. Well done dude!

    Baron Impossible Very nice indeed! One crit though, the first thing I see when I looked at it was the cowboy on the front left shooting the gun, I later understood that that wasnt him but the robot shooting, my friend here thought the same thing... Besides that really cool!

    And a special mention to Bluefooted, very nice expressive peace (although I think the theme could be nailed more if u felt the dragons superiority to the inferiority of the wolfs more).

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    Absolutely stunning, every bloody single one of them.

    This is one battle where the blood will be ink and the weapons are pencils, but a glorious and magnificent battle it with be!
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    Great stuff Flaptraps, Jaime J and Baron Impossible!! and the rest of you too ofcourse.
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    Great work everyone!!! Such an incredible display of talents! Loved all of these, but my favs have to be fvallejo, fedezz, thom and cicinimo.
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    Amazing, wonderful round! You people blow my mind miles away. Nothing gives me the pencil-itch more than seeing such top-notch stuff. They're all varied and imagintive, so it's hard to pick just one fave, but I'll have to go with bluefooted's piece, I love the idea and style

    And heaps of luck to the judges, they'll need it!
    sketchbook / sketchblog / deviantart / facebook / twitter / e-mail

    "assiduus usus uni rei deditus et ingenium et artem saepe vincit" - cicero
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    Hey Francis i like the yakuza work you did
    i liked how you welded the shapes and the overall design
    of the shapes :-D

    Hurricane, that is awesome! very clear visualization
    of the theme and the execution is top notch!! i love it
    and the character design is real good too.

    M.C. that color palette is great
    and it sets the mood really well for the setting,
    excelent choice and that ship is outstanding
    the way you rendered it
    and all the temperatures changing is just cool!

    Jason Chan, i dunno how you pulled it off,
    all those elements and it all looks part of the same world,
    the materials and forms.
    just gotta admire the top part of the creatures head
    and how the light hits it and the way you painted that.
    all transparencies are lovely

    Ben, i love that ship!! thats so cool wish i could zoom in
    cause you did some awesome paint scraps panels and details
    and the rendering is tops!! also like the colors and bounce light
    that water is very nice too specially under the ship, nice
    variety of broad brushtrokes and tiny details on the painting

    Hey Min i love the characters, and the brushwork is so good
    very nice edges and the back cast shadows give a very nice
    abstract design to the whole piece, lovely palette too

    Tamte how did you picked the people color choices, that
    is a very unique approach i like the foreground bald guy
    very nice color choices :-D

    Thom . . . . that is coool . . . i love how you left
    the architecture in a simple paint color with minimum
    pattern contrast and the white spray on it just sells the story
    right away, it looks fantastic and the lighting is great, oh man
    that is badass . . :-O

    Hey Nicolas you already know i love yours right? ;-)
    but just in case you forgot, i think you did some
    outstanding work and care on it, i like that spaceship
    and the galleons execution is great.

    Baron Impossible i just noticed there is a bullet
    bouncing off the robots neck that is so cool,
    oh man even all the guns he carries are autos!!
    so much disadvantages, this guys stand no chance with their revolvers :-D
    awesome storytelling and execution.

    man that is awesome Kemp! i always get the feeling
    that you do your homework and research your reference,
    all the work in every part of the illo is very good
    and visually is clear to read the theme
    even on the space placement of the main elements,
    advantage up disadvantage down, nice colors too

    ok Jaime that is some masterwork brushwork going on
    one of the finest and more energetic application, takes a lot
    of talent to pull off something like this, specially the lost edges
    my hat is off

    spraynation that looks like a lot of work! but you did it
    very nice sense of scale and atmosphere i like the design
    work you did on the coliseum

    all entries are awesome!!! it's gonna be hard for the judges
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    Baron Impossible and M.C. - That shit is too funny. You guys win.

    Great work everybody. Let's do this agian. and again. and again. and again.
    "I watch everything I hate I love everything"
    sketchbook thread
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    Congrats everybody, killer thread here. I like them all, but I just want put a coin on Bluefooted for her gorgeous illustration.
    Julien ALDAY
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