Hi Marko,
since i watched your Character Ideation DVD, I completely changed the view of drawing. I found out that inspiration comes from life and technique is simply based on specific sensations. Mostly mental sensations and visualizations.
So, I've got 3 questions about your mental processes in drawing, if you're ok about it.

1- While you're searching a concept for an illustration... do you DEFINE it first verbally then visually (like the Daily Sketch Group forum in CA)... or only visually?

2- While you're drawing thumbnails for illustrations, do you "see" action/gesture lines "over" images generated by your mind before putting down pencil lines?
Yes, I know this seems some psycho-babble type of question and this is a really subjective mental process, but I wanted to ask it to you anyway

3- On ign.com I've read that, for Thor comic book pages, you enlarged the thumbnails and transformed them in faint blue line images. Since I use this technique a lot too, I wanted to ask you a simple thing: when you pencil over these blue lines, what's your mental approach on LARGE shapes and forms? I mean, do you RE-DRAW the forms and use the blue lines as guidelines to "block in" the limits of the figures OR do you TRACE over the blue lines and correct only some small parts?
Maybe it's a stupid question but, sometimes, for me is difficult to discern the two things when I'm using this "timesaver technique". In fact, in many cases, I got so involved with anatomical details over blue lines that the figures were totally changed in the end (and, therefore, the whole composition was messed up!).

Hope you found my questions understandable
Forgive me for eventual syntax errors and thanks in advance,