Hi to all!
My name is Luca Maria, i'm 28 and i'm from Italy!
Unluckyly, i'm self teached in art and still self teaching
My favourite artists are...uhm, i think everybody able to keep a pencil in his hands i always find something to learn
Even if i know that i've to learn soooo much, i'd like to post here some drawings of mine! They are nothing special, i know, but critics and suggestion are really welcome ^_^

Here they are

"Blood Thirst" (june 0 8 )
a faerie-vampire i was requested to draw in another art community. Well, that's my version of that character, actually.

"Fortune Teller" (april 0 8 )
Well,a fortune teller I think she looks like a little to Angelina Jolie but it's a casual thing..but i didn't complain at all

"Spring rain" (april 0 8 )
Another requested sketch, here it is Auria, the main character of an indie videogame ^_^

"JoBeth" (june 0 8 )
My first pin up ^_^

Let me know what you think about them, only bad and sincere critics are welcome
Thanks for having a look at them! ^_^