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    Talking where to learn concept art?

    hi all.
    Sometimes I think this is a stupid question, but I just want to make it clear that how to learn this wonderful thing .
    maybe from the life, or from the surrouding people who could give us a feelling.
    also we could learn the basic theory from the college or some teachers who have got a great deal of experience of concept art.
    I just want to know a method of concept art.

    thanks and waiting for your opinion.


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    Talking no stupid question here...

    I look at the thunderdome pics, I try to notice everypiece has something taken from everything the artist can see, touch, feel, even smell (?).
    if it evokes an emotion, or a visisual response in my mind, then it will inspire me to create it on paper. I draw from life, then add something to it. doesn't matter right off the bat if it works or not, becasue, as an artist, I decide what it is that doesn't work (or does).

    at times, a client will ask for something that makes no sense, and the artist is the one who has to make it work. it's ridiculous, sometimes, and when it gets done, I will actually sit back, and say "$h*t, this does work like this!"

    my opinion. :afro2:

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    thanks AfroLaxMan.
    I thinks every one would meet this situation.
    I always want to find an answer for how to make things professional. I think that in every field there is a standard which was called "professoinal". and in concept art, how to be a pro?
    maybe I know little about this field. but I hope you who are full of experiences or a warm-hearted man could tell me more about the aim of concerpt art and how to do it well. perhaps you would answer me "that's a free idea of your mind, and just show it on the paper by your hand." or something else.

    I hope I could learn more on concept art.

    I am so confused now.
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