Hallo, I'm Horatio, a fourteen-year old girl with a huge Oscar Wilde obssession. More with the entire 19th century, really. It's strange that this doesn't show very much in my drawings.

Anyway, as you've just read, I'm fourteen. I consider myself a reasonable artist sometimes, a shitty artist often, and I've seen people my age churn out amazing drawings. I'd like to do that too.
Now, one of my most serious issues is, I think, that I started off with super kawaii animu, something that's fucking me over right now because I never really learned proper anatomy and I'm trying my hardest to distance myself from manga styles as much as possible. This sucks because I recently won a manga contest (undeserved victory, imo, even though I'm very happy to have won) and I have no idea what to do with all the free manga I'm going to receive D:

Anyway, on to the shitty art!

This was my second time using markers to colour an image. I see a bunch of faults, like the jaw being pretty damn big, the nose being too small and the perspective being way, way off.
Still I was super proud of it when I finished it 2-4 months ago :/

Did I mention I do massive amounts of gay? Well, I do. Because I'm hormone fueled or something, I don't really care. Man on the bottom looks weird but I sort of like the other guy's face.
Based on a Pet Shop Boys song because I love Eurofag Dancepop :I

This is one of my most recent drawings, even though my awesome scanner hasn't really made the colours look any good. They were already kind of bad but still.
Peacebone's a pretty cool song.

This is just silly. And this is what my (even) more 'cartoony' style looks like. I'd lie if I said it was very original though :/

I love Richard Quest. I'm not total rubbish at semi-realism, I like to think.

Boris Jonhson, requsted by a friend.

I just noticed I don't seem to have any pictures where you can see my awful anatomy very well, so I'll try to scan some in and post them later. Meanwhile:

This is a picture with pretty shitty anatomy, I think I can do better now. Plus he looks far too skinny and unmanly ):

I thought I wouldn't post a sketchbook thread yet, because I really think I could use more practice before that I did read the sketchbook forum rules and looked at other threads, but if I'm doing it wrong feel free to call me a dumbass, lock the thread and have me create another one in the proper forum.
Anyway, critiques would be wonderful, since I'd love drawing professionally later on and I need all the help I can get.