Monster and a Chick - New to digital, Need crit
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Thread: Monster and a Chick - New to digital, Need crit

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    Monster and a Chick - New to digital, Need crit

    Hello all,

    So, I'm fairly new to digital painting. Just got over the not looking at my hand discomfort of drawing on the tablet. Anyway, I'm trying to do a digital painting and pulling colors from my head without reference is a fairly foreign concept. I think that I do alright from life, I'm not embarrassed by the results anyway. So, using color and value to define form without reference is kicking my ass. I thought that I would put this up and see if anybody has any pointers. Something that I'm missing. Of course the key is practice, but if somebody has something useful I'd be grateful.

    I've attached the black and white sketch and then the color work in progress. So far I like the black and white better. All done in painter using primarily a conte brush.

    Thanks for looking!

    Wow, I just realized how weird this picture is. How it's not really obvious that they're supposed to be fighting. They look like they could be in a loving embrace.

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