hello everyone. im hugely new here and at a crossroads in my life. i felt it would be important to start to post some of my work here as i try to grow into the artist i believe i can be. i am in love with comic art and yoji shinkawa/ ashley wood work, and partially inspired by all these. mostly my creativity comes from life experience; all its darkness, its light. dreams and real life. ive been trying real hard to get myself abroad to do some voluntary work and im getting my health in check. i only draw when i feel good and well, and due to numerous challenges in my life in the last year there was a huge gap where i neglected my passion for creating. now i feel my spirit is healing and i am looking back at what i did, looking down at what im doing and looking forward to compiling a sketchbook and dreaming one day ill show it to someone who cares, somehow, some day somewhere. i will be getting a scanner soon but ill put up some photos in the next 48 hours. i dont know how active this forum/ site is or who, if anyone will care. but i need to record something like this personally. if people can share in it and critic me and comment on my work, i would feel amazing about that. i have been a bit of a loner for a while now. i just dont fit in, i dont drink or smoke or do drugs so all my friends just kinda left me behind. having an unconventional diet and following eastern philosophies to a large degree also left me unpopular. im not awkward if you were to talk to me, and i can let anyone in. i do not wish to overexplain myself since i will be even less likely understood. i am simple. i am complicated. i dont feel like drawing every day. but when i do i feel truly alive and free to dream again. i wish to share in my passion with all of you, if you would have me. some of my old work is poor, but i am growing steadily. sometimes i slip, then i make sure i catch up. expect a post with pictures in the next day.