Not really concept art yet ... basically I'm trying to reduce the amount of steps it takes to get to the wax cast part of my process (usually goes sculpture in clay or sculpty, silicone cast, wax mold, bondo cast, melt wax, cast in metal, crack bondo shell, clean up and polish, refine work. wax is combination of bees wax, parafin wax, and high temp glue stick (results in a great carving medium that has some bounce with the tool work (from the gluestick) and is a creamy consistency without being too brittle or pliable (as opposed to parafin or bees wax alone) I don't have to worry too much about texture since casting in metal (I used rendered aluminum that I get from scrap metal) removes alot of fine detail and gets a really distinct surface from the casting into a material like bondo (which can absorb the heat and be brittle enough to crack like a nut afterwords with no kiln baking required) Think ghetto bronze molds.

adventures in wax carving

I've already added more wax to the bottom and I'm going to be carving the details into the eyes, mouth and hair soon (which i know there is alot of in the back of the head that needs to be removed.