Sketchbook: Sketchbook (updated 7.21.08) figure drawing update!

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    Sketchbook (updated 7.21.08) figure drawing update!

    Hi! I've been lurking around CA for awhile and my friends pushed me to get an account.. so here I am.

    Please be as critical as you can about my work since ... well for one I know my work isn't great so don't worry about my feelings and two I need to improve for when I apply to art school and just for self improvement =D

    Name:  polar.png
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Size:  95.4 KB
    Speed Painting... I've been trying to practice CG since I'm quite bad at it, so my friend told me to practice with speed painting.. rather stupid of me to make the background gray since the bear blends in too well with it +_+

    Name:  man.png
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    Speed Painting.. it's reffed from eddie redmayne in Savage Grace.. he's so pretty. Trying to practice cging again so there's no real composition.

    Name:  sketch.jpg
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    Class project did mostly at home. It's unfinished and critique would be greatly loved

    Name:  painting-1.jpg
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Size:  22.1 KB
    Class self portrait. It's rather negative on how I view myself... which i would not like to share here. It's my .. third oil painting using water mixable oil. I don't think I'm very good at it but I do like the painting. It's small because it's really blurry any bigger since I had to take a pic using camera.

    Name:  mannequin.jpg
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Size:  47.4 KB
    In-Class drawing of mannequin. I used charcoal since I wasn't used to using charcoal yet.

    They went from newest to old work. The mannequin being what I did in Fall. I don't have outside classes so what I do in class is usually what I have. I am planning to do more home stuff so I can build my portfolio for applying next year =D

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    Welcome, this is great work.
    Your first two are really nice,and the third is crazy.
    Can't wait to see more, post again soon.

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  4. i love the polar bear and the kid below it. I like how you did his hair. good work.

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    you have some really nice stuff in here. i like that pencil sketch which is about the third picture down. Only crit is to post more! cheers'

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    Damn, your pencil work is pretty goddamn astounding. And lovely speed painting too. Keep posting ~ I'll be lurking ;D

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    Practice on Realism a while back during marketing class with GQ Mag.. about 30 minutes
    Name:  boy.jpg
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Size:  73.7 KB

    Random fashion sketches.. I know the figures are most likely off but seriously fashion illustration.. 9 - 13 heads is the average XD
    Name:  fashion.gif
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    Hah wish I could go into fashion but being all nerdy like i'd get eaten XD

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    quick piece though probably slow for most. took around 45 mins.
    Name:  girl.jpg
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    P.S how.. do i change the thumbnail XD

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    Some good stuff here. Look forward to seeing more.

    my sketches here... , visit them or a puppy dies!
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  10. nice work. to change it i think you post the new pic on your first post, edit your first post and add another attachment. nice stuff

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    RAWR figure drawing and a random painting XD
    Name:  painting.jpg
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Size:  39.0 KB
    Name:  figure01.jpg
Views: 1414
Size:  41.2 KB
    Name:  figure02.jpg
Views: 1409
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    Name:  figure03.jpg
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    enjoy. I'm still working on figure drawing geez so hard +_+

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