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    How to host a website on the cheap?

    For all those who have their own websites to show their artwork how do you host them? I want to create my own website and would prefer not to have to pay loads just to do that but dont want loads of ad's of my website to be called something like freewebwithads.mywebsite etc. So does anyone have any suggestions. I live in the UK so do I need a UK host. If I have to pay alittle bit then fair enough, just not loads, I am a student after all

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    I bought my name from Go Daddy. (I don't reccomend anyone else - Network Solutions will lock up any domain you search for for NINE days) Go Daddy provides some extra protection and won't "lose" your name when renewal time comes. Some companies will totally screw you over. Don't try to cut corners on protecting your name if it's important to you at all.

    I host at 9th Node Networks which i found through a friend. Customer service is great, but their fast and reliable servers are in Texas so no good for you. I'd ask around some UK hacker boards or something. Even script kiddies know a little about hosting companies and may have heard of a spicy deal. (or many of them may be running some nice servers)

    you want lots of bandwidth and reliability at a low cost.

    I pay 3.95 USD for:
    • 1Gb of Disk Space
    • 20Gb/mo Transfer Limit
    • 5 FTP Accounts
    • 5 E-mail Accounts
    • 5 E-Mail Lists
    • 5 Databases
    • 5 Sub-Domains
    • Complete CGI Access has a link to 9th node if anyone else is interested (scroll to the bottom)
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    there you can find someone that will code you a website and host you one if you go down to the advertisement column

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    I'm currently looking for a new host (I am also in UK) as I have let my reseller account lapse.

    If you are just after something to host your portfolio on, then american hosts are the way to go.

    Bandwidth is so much cheaper in america than anywhere else, its silly. Will have slightly longer loading times for UK ppl but nothing too bad or really noticeable. That is unless you make some silly bloated flash site ;]

    If you are going down the ecommerce route (which it doesn't sound like it) then I would say stick to UK hosting.

    I know a lot of web developers who I'm going to grill for info so if you hold fast I'll get some links.

    I'd also suggest registering the domain with a seperate company to who you have hosting with as well. Avoids a lot of problems that could crop up ;]

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    OK then,

    If you are just after a simple site for a portfolio then I recommend you go for The basic one at £15 a year inc vat should be fine, you can always upgrade as you get more traffic.

    These are great value and are hosted in the UK, plenty of good feedback about the company too.

    For registering the domain as I said it is best to get it from a seperate company and then configer the name servers to point to who you got your hosting from. (this is fairly straight forward)

    If you wanted to stick with a UK based company is who I am looking at getting my hosting with. They charge £5.48+vat for a .com or £2.74+vat for All my current domains are registerd with at the moment, though they aren't as competative on price any more. They do however have an offer on atm for a free with every .com. Personally I don't think its that great a deal.

    Slightly cheaper though is based in the states. This is who I am most likely going to switch domain registrations too. Big well known site with good feedback $9.29 a year for .com and at the moment they are giving away free whois guard protection (hides your personal details when people lookup the domain owner info). That's roughly £4.65 and as about as cheap as you are going to get without buying in bulk.

    I know a lot of people use godaddy, there is a lot of bad feedback about them though. I would only use them for domain reg and host else where, though namecheap is slightly cheaper and doesn't have the issues that have plagued some godaddy users.

    Should save you a lot of leg work, any questions then shout ;]

    Of course now you need a crash course in web design!

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