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    w.k.5 seeking for help!

    Ok I'm new here, and my english isn't good also. But i really want to improve. I'm finding way to improve with fastest speed on the subject manga (japan comics). I'm not sure whether i'm in the right place but i think all peoples here looks skilled. I'm finding the best way to improve anatomy, and angle of human bodies. after watching what i typed u may think, another lame greedy guy seeking for shortcut, yup i'm greedy but i'm not finding way to become a profession for just sacrificing one day. i'm just finding way to improve at the fastest speed, its ok if it needed 2months and drew 10 hours per day to get to master anatomy, angle and buidling(perspective). But i really wanna be mangaka(japan manga artist), people might think i'm naive or watever, but i'm serious about this. i had been drawing for 1 year. The improvement are great but wasted one year seems kinda slow. I'm kinda clueless on what way i can improve. I heard people saying, learn to draw life drawing first before simplify them into cartoon/anime version. I think it seems quite true, but i don't have any resource. Maybe someone here can help me out. i need some good resource or some reference to look at, and my perspective reference seems kinda hard to find.

    Anyway here's my anime version nude work, i felt kinda embarrass to post nude drawing on site lol...... But i really willing to put in every effort i have.

    w.k.5 seeking for help!

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    If you want resources on anatomy, I suggest you look up Andrew Loomis. As far as I know, his books are still available for the download, and I believe they will provide you with valuable insight on anatomy and proportion.
    Life drawing is indeed useful. Before an artist stylizes anything, it is important that he or she is familiar with what is to be stylized- I hope that makes sense. Even if you can't get someone to pose for you, you could definitely benefit from gesture drawing. Find places with people and capture their gestures (draw them) quickly. Gesture drawing trains your eye and will also teach you to loosen up- making your characters less stiff.
    Have fun and practice often.

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    Here's a link to artbooks you can download. Here's a link to a forum with a lot of helpful information. Keep drawing, keep posting. You will learn. Learn how the body works and moves first, before you attempt to stylize.

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