Just curious as to anyone who's ran life drawing classes before (both tutored and untutored), and any difficulties you've run into such as with contacting people to pose for sessions or managing costs to numbers showing up. My only experience was attending untutored life drawing classes for a few weeks last year, and 1 week just recently with a tutor, so I can't say I've got a lot of experience in managing any classes, I've wanted to get a class going here in NZ/Warkworth area since I first came here because the nearest one is all the way in Auckland, and the campus here is animation/art oriented as well, with a suitable room to have life drawing in, yet they haven't been able to start a class for some or other reason.

What experiences have you had as a tutor or organizer for life drawing? or if you're currently attending one as a student, what would you prefer to have in your classes? (aside from the obvious ).