Hey everyone.

Job Opportunities Abound @ CG Overdrive 2008

CG Overdrive is just around the corner and I will like to inform everyone who is going that there will be a recruitment drive happening concurrently with exhibition. Ubisoft, Double Negative London, Lucasfilm, Codemaster, 2K Games Shanghai, Ksatria Gameworks, Infinite Frameworks and various other studios will be setting up recruitment booths. All interested job applicants are encouraged to visit these booths.

Visit www.cgoverdrive.com/list_exhibitors.htm to see all the job openings, plus the latest exhibitor list.

FREE Talks @ Exhibitor Workshop Room

Come attend FREE talks conducted by CG Overdrive's exhibitors/recruiters, including a session by the Chief Game Designer of Codemasters UK, sharing on the design and development process of their latest racing title "Race Driver : GRID".

Full talk schedule @ Exhibitor Workshop Room can be found here:

Hope to see you there.